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Oceana has been touring for the past six years and has previously performed at Bonnaroo, Hotel Café LA, and The Bedford London with her band.

She is currently in the studio finishing up her newest CD, which features a more folk/rock sound. One of her newest songs “Come to Me Tonight” features Fred Eltringham of the Wallflowers on drums. Songwriting has been Oceana’s primary focus lately.

One of her new songs that best showcases her writing is “I Will Find You”, which features a new sound for her. Also the track includes Sam Bush on the

Oceana Gayden, Singer, Songwriter

Oceana Gayden, Singer, Songwriter


Performing live is now becoming a focus again after being in the studio for the past year. She has been recording in Studio 19 – a great sounding older room in Nashville – and at Battletape Recordings.

While Oceana only began pursuing it as a career six years ago, she refers to music as the one constant throughout her life. Raised in recording studios and writing sessions, the love of creative expression would be an undeniable part of her. Oceana began playing violin at the age of five, and continued for the next 15 years. In high school, she was drawn to the arts and languages. It was at this time that she began to truly develop her talents as a writer, although she wouldn’t focus on songwriting for some time yet. After college, Oceana experimented with several jobs, including teaching high school, before finally deciding to devote her energies to music, the one thing she has loved more than anything else. Oceana’s lyrics contain a soulfulness and insight that belie her age. Her melodies however, deliver this passion and honesty in a package that is light and fun, cosmic and funky. Oceana’s voice will both soothe and move you.

Legendary guitarist and songwriter Mac Gayden is Oceana’s father and Zenphonics lead guitarist. Mac’s musical beginnings were in Nashville, playing RandB in the early 1960’s. Innovator of the slide-wah technique, Mac became one of Nashville’s most sought after session players. He achieved commercial success penning several well-known classic Rock and Soul tunes and went on to perform with bands Barefoot Jerry and Skyboat. Mac has always had a genuine appreciation for all types of music and tried to instill this in his children.

Oceana’s brother, Mac Gayden Jr., is Zenphonic’s rhythm guitarist. Regarding their musical upbringing, he said, “On any given day you’ld hear anything from Otis Redding and Smokey Robinson to Dylan, Richie Havens or some monks chanting in a cave in the Far East.” Mac junior brings his own unique style and influences to Zenphonic’s sound. Growing up in the late 70’s, strongly committed to ideals of positive social reform, he found guitar to be the perfect outlet for thoughts and ideas that couldn’t be articulated otherwise. He still believes the potency of writing and playing about “Real Life” experiences.

Zenphonic’s tapestry of sound owes its freshness to all the wonderful and varied contributors throughout the band. Mike Miller, formerly of Skyboat, adds the woodwinds. Audiences watch in awe as he uses a circular breathing technique to play two recorders at once in “Room Full of Mockingbirds”. The talented corps of musicians is completed with Steve Ebe on drums and Bobby Memphis on bass, both of the band Jeb. Of Zenphonic’s sound, Mac Jr. said, “We are all pulling from the same wellspring, just adding our unique shades, hues and dimensions.” The result? Some of the most real and accessible music to come out of the U.S. this year.